Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Dailies /Semi-Dailies 

No. Program Description Broadcast time
1 News Bulletins The news bulletins provide latest about sports news both local and international. Provide expert analysis and fans feedback where necessary. Main News bulletins: 09:00am; 02:pm; and 08:00pm.

News Headlines at the top of every hour.

2 Somali Sports
(20 minutes) 
The program discusses both local and Somali Diaspora sports. Discusses ways to develop local sports. It provides an opportunity for sports administrators and coaches to directly interact to their fans. Every morning (except Fridays) from 09:30am.
3 The Stars
(45 minutes) 
Focuses on international and local players. Profiles their history, career evolution, performances, highs and lows, rumors, transfers and all that matters. Gives the listeners a chance to comment on the best player that made news in the past 24 hours through telephone, SMS and Facebook. Every morning (except Fridays) from 10:05am.
4 The Sports Debate
(45 minutes) 
This is platform available to sports fans to air their views about games, teams, and players. In this program, fans are asked to predict upcoming game results and comments on past matches.The program throws a question and seeks their reaction of to an important sports issue of the day and engages listeners through several means (phone-in, SMS, and facebook). Every morning (except Fridays) from 11:05am.
5 The Sports Hour
(45 minutes) 
The program brings the latest from both local and international sports. It gives latest news from local and international leagues, transfers, gossip, etc. Every morning (except Fridays) from 12:050m.
6 Sports Analysis
(60 minutes) 
The program gives overview of the day’s major sports news and events. Experts analyze one of the major events of the day. Every night (except Fridays) from 09:30pm.
7 Live Match commentary
(120 minutes) 
The program airs LIVE matches both local and international. The international matches include the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga, etc.During the games, the audience may also access experts’ analysis and results of on-going matches, live report from venues of local matches. During the program fans can call, text, analyze, predict and give their verdicts. Whenever there is a live game (both local and international).
8 The Listener’s Voice
(45 minutes) 
The program gives a voice to the sports fans in the stadia. Our reporters go to the sports fields and get the views of the fans on topical issues. The program also highlights the jubilation of the fans of the competing teams. Every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday night from 07:05pm.
9 The Sports History
(45 minutes)
The program profiles the history of teams (both local and international) and major leagues. The program also teaches the youth the other sports games other than football, basketball, etc. Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night from 07:05pm.



No. Program Description Broadcast Time
1 Sports for Peace and Development
(20 minutes)
The program discusses the role of sports in bringing peace and development to the country. Every Saturday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm
2 Our Guest
(20 minutes)
The program invites a prominent figure in Somalia sports. The guest discusses crosscutting issues on Somalia sports. Every Sunday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm
3 Sports of the Somali Diaspora
(20 minutes)
The program highlights on sports activities of the Somali Diaspora. Interviews tournament organizers, etc. Every Monday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm
4 Sports Rules
(20 minutes)
The program promotes the principles of professional game. Teaches the youth the sports rules.It provides the ethics players have to abide by when they are playing. It also fights against fans hooliganism. Every Tuesday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm
5 Women Sports
(20 minutes)
The program discusses the role of women in sports. The program appreciates the successes of women in sports both local and international.The program discusses challenges that are faced by women in sports and provides solutions to these problems. Every Wednesday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm
6 Sportsperson’s Life
(20 minutes)
The program discusses the social life of the players, goalkeepers, coaches, and athletes. Focuses on their personality, their likes and dislikes, love, family and business. Every Thursday at 02:30pm and repeated at 08:30pm


Friday Programs

As Friday is a weekend in Somalia, our programs are slightly lighter than those in the week.

No. Program Description Broadcast Time
1 Sports in the Week
(20 minutes)
The program looks back at major sports events and news in the week. Every Friday from 09:30am to 09:50am
2 The Role of Sports Journalists in Sports Development
(45 minutes)
The program provides a platform to Somali journalists who work in other radio and TV stations and interviews them on how to develop local sports. Every Friday from 10:05am to 10:50am
3 Sports Quiz
(60 minutes)
The program improves the audience knowledge of sports. Through interactive Question-and-answer format, the listeners answer sports questions and win prizes.The questions feature on both local and international sports. Also the mode of participation is restricted to phone so that the public can know who won the prize. Every Friday from 02:30pm to 03:30pm
4 Music and Greetings
(45 minutes)
The program gives an opportunity to the youth to pass their greetings and wishes to their friends and families. They can also pass their congrats to their newly-wed colleagues, friends and family members. Every Friday night from 07:05pm to 07:55pm
5 Sports and Arts
(30 minutes)
As an oral Somali society that better expresses in arts, the program focuses on the relationship between sports and arts. The program encourages the artists to produce songs and poems about sports, players, teams, etc. Every Friday from 08:30pm to 08:59pm


Aragtidiinu waa muhim




ADEL TAARABT OO JAWAAB WAAFI AH SIIYAY REDKNAPP :I fiiri Harry,aniga ma caylani ,shuluqna ma ihi ee dadka ha igu dirin +Sawirro

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Horudhaca kulanka Champions league ee kooxaha Barcelona iyo Ajax

(Catalonia) 21 Oktoobar 2014. Barcelona ayaa caawa dooneysa ...

Falanqeynta kulanka Champions league ee kooxaha Chelsea vs Maribor

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Horudhaca kulanka Champions league ee kooxaha Roma iyo Bayern Munich

(Rome) 21 Oktoobar 2014. Roma ayaa intii karaankeeda ...

Falanqeynta kulanka Champions league ee kooxaha CSKA Moscow vs Manchester City

(Moscow) 21 Oktoobar 2014. Wiilasha Sheekh Mansour ee ...

EPL: Man Utd oo weli ku badin la’ kulan ‘away’ ah + Sawirro

(West Bromwich) 21 Okt 2014 - Kooxda Man ...

PREMIER LEAGUE: Kooxaha West Bromwich Albion iyo Man United oo barbaro ku kala baxay + Sawirro

(West Bromwich) 21 Oktoobar 2014. Kooxaha West Bromwich ...

GOOGOOSKA: West Brom vs Man Utd 2-2 (Man U oo weli gaari la’ guul garoonkeeda ka baxsan)

Manchester United  XI De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Rojo, Shaw, BLIND, Herrera, ...
Suarez barca

Luis Suarez kulan rasmi ah uma safan kooxda Barcelona, haddana waxa uu doonayaa inuu kabaha ku siibo

(Catalonia) 20 Oktoobar 2014. Luis Suarez ayaa sheegay inuu ...

Maamulka Kooxda heerka koowaad ee Gaadiidka oo ka hadlay diyaar garowgooda ku aaddan horyaalka + Sawirro

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